I’m Jee, a recipe developer and the creator of Smoothies and Shakes.

As someone who had trouble finding the time and energy to eat healthy on a regular basis, smoothies were a game changer for me.

I make and drink smoothies all year round. It’s my delicious shortcut to eating (drinking) more fruits and vegetables.

My smoothie addiction started about 15 years ago when I got my first Vitamix blender. A friend gave me her used Vitamix since she got a new one. I gladly took the blender off her hands.

I was SHOCKED at how it completely pulverized everything unlike other low-powered blenders I’ve used in the past.

I made everything from soup to frozen drinks in that blender, but what I make on a consistent basis is a smoothie.

For my little niece who hates eating vegetables, I make healthy popsicles by making fruity smoothies with kale or spinach then freeze them in popsicle molds. She loves it.

(The trick is to make the smoothie a color that’s not green, which she associates with vegetables. Blueberry smoothies with kale are a hit since the blueberry color hides the green.)

There was a time I juiced instead of blending and that was a mistake since I was getting rid of the fiber, which is an essential part of what makes a drink so healthy.

My freezer is always packed with frozen fruit and greens so I can make a smoothie whenever I want.

I’ve made countless frozen drinks in my blender from a delicious strawberry collagen smoothie and post-workout protein shakes to Frappuccinos and I wanted to share all my recipes and tips with you.

Each recipe is tested until I’m completely happy with it and I consult a nutritionist to make sure it’s not just delicious but good for you.

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Three Facts About Me

  1. I was a Creative Director in publishing, working on sites like People.com before venturing into the world of blogging.
  2. I’m a certified Tea Sommelier.
  3. I’m an SCA certified coffee specialist.

My Favorite Recipes