17 Anti-Inflammatory Smoothie Recipes

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Each of these healthy and tasty smoothie drink recipes contain anti-inflammatory ingredients that are high in antioxidants, vitamins, fiber, and healthy fats.

Anti-Inflammatory Smoothies in a six box grid.

Anti-Inflammatory Smoothies

Any smoothie made with fruits or vegetables has anti-inflammatory benefits. But some recipes are better at fighting inflammation than others.

The perfect anti-inflammatory smoothie is high in antioxidants, vitamins, fiber, and healthy fats like omega-3s. These nutrients are found in ingredients like fruits, leafy greens, nut butters, seeds, and plants like ginger and turmeric.

To make a smoothie, these anti-inflammatory ingredients are combined in a blender. The key is to use the right proportions to ensure the drink is tasty and has a good texture.

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5 Anti-Inflammatory Smoothie Health Benefits

1. Reduces Inflammation

The main benefit of anti-inflammatory smoothies is its ability to lower inflammation. Inflammation is a normal function in the body. It’s part of the immune system’s response to harmful germs or damaged cells.

But if it continues for too long, it can increase the risk of chronic disease. Examples include cancer, heart disease, and diabetes. Drinking anti-inflammatory smoothies is a natural, tasty way to decrease the risk.

2. Controls Oxidative Stress

When inflammation builds up, it can lead to oxidative stress. This oxidative stress increases inflammation, causing a cycle.

The nutrients in anti-inflammatory smoothies can help control these reactions. Many anti-inflammatory foods also have antioxidants, which specifically target oxidative stress.

3. Increases Hydration

Anti-inflammatory smoothies are made with a liquid base, like oat milk or almond milk. The liquid will add to your daily fluid intake, ensuring you stay hydrated. Many fruits and vegetables have water too.

Your body needs fluids for many functions, including digestion, breathing, and metabolism.

4. Supports Brain Function

If inflammation goes on for too long, it may damage nerve cells, or neurons. This can lead to brain disorders. Drinking an anti-inflammatory smoothie is a natural, easy way to control inflammation and protect your brain.

5. Improves Gut Health

Fiber, which is found in many anti-inflammatory fruits and vegetables, is beneficial for inflammation. The nutrient helps good bacteria in the gut flourish and grow. This balances the gut, which reduces inflammation.

Plus, fiber lowers the pH of the gut, resulting in lower inflammatory substances.

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17 Best Anti-Inflammatory Smoothies

1. Anti-Inflammatory Smoothie

This is the best anti-inflammatory smoothie because every ingredient fights inflammation.
The most powerful ones include turmeric powder and ginger. Turmeric has anti-inflammatory curcumin, while ginger has gingerol.
Both ingredients are also rich in antioxidants, which reduce inflammation.
Turmeric and ginger have a spicy, warming flavor. It's balanced by the sweetness of a Medjool date and banana.
Other anti-inflammatory effects come from antioxidants in spinach and omega-3 fats in chia seeds.
Ingredients: Unsweetened almond milk, Medjool date, turmeric powder, ginger, chia seeds, spinach, frozen bananas

2. Turmeric Smoothie

A 5-minute recipe, this smoothie has impressive anti-inflammatory effects.
Most of the benefits come from turmeric powder. It has curcumin, a compound with strong anti-inflammatory properties.
Turmeric has an intense spicy flavor, but it's toned down by coconut milk. Date syrup, frozen pineapple, and frozen banana add sweetness.
Coconut milk has the added benefit of having anti-inflammatory fats. However, you can use other types of milk if you're allergic to coconut or don't like it.
Ingredients: Coconut milk, turmeric powder, date syrup, banana, frozen pineapple

3. Kale Mango Smoothie

For a tasty way to drink leafy greens, make this 4-ingredient kale mango smoothie.
The recipe contains pineapple juice, which has a bright and sweet flavor. It's great for balancing the earthy flavor of kale.
Most of the anti-inflammatory properties of this drink come from kale and frozen mango. Both ingredients are high in antioxidants.
Chia seeds also have omega-3 fatty acids. These are healthy fats with that reduce inflammation in the body.
Ingredients: Pineapple juice, chia seeds, kale, frozen mango

4. Carrot Smoothie

This sweet and refreshing carrot smoothie is one of the best anti-inflammatory smoothies.
Carrots have antioxidants like carotenoids, anthocyanins, and vitamin C. These nutrients work against inflammation and oxidative stress.
The recipe also has omega-3 fats from the chia seeds. However, you can get a similar effect from hemp seeds and flax seeds.
This smoothie uses apple juice as the liquid base. Be sure to use 100% apple juice without added sugars to keep it healthy.
Ingredients: Apple juice, chia seeds, carrots, frozen banana

5. Blueberry Smoothie

Blueberries are one of the best anti-inflammatory foods. They're high in anthocyanins, or plant pigments that fight inflammation and oxidative stress.
The recipe also contains chia seeds and spinach, which are anti-inflammatory.
Chia seeds have omega-3 fatty acids, while spinach has anthocyanins and lutein. Spinach also has anti-inflammatory vitamin K.
This blueberry smoothie takes just 5 minutes to prepare in a blender, making it an easy and simple drink.
Ingredients: Unsweetened almond milk, date syrup, chia seeds, spinach, frozen blueberries

6. Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana Smoothie

This chocolate peanut butter banana smoothie proves that healthy recipes can taste like dessert. As a bonus, it's rich in anti-inflammatory fatty acids.
Cocoa powder and banana are packed with antioxidants, which have inflammation-fighting benefits too.
The key is to use a quality cocoa powder without added sugar. This will ensure the smoothie is nutritious as possible.
Ingredients: Oat milk, vanilla extract, peanut butter, cocoa powder, chia seeds, frozen banana

7. Green Protein Smoothie

Reducing inflammation is easy with this healthy protein smoothie.
It's made with spinach, a superfood with anti-inflammatory nutrients. Examples include anthocyanins, vitamin K, and vitamin A.
The in this recipe also fight inflammation, as it contains omega-3 fats.
As a bonus, you'll feel satisfied after drinking this smoothie due to its protein and fiber.
Depending on your preference, you can use vanilla protein powder made of animal or plant-based sources.
Ingredients: Unsweetened almond milk, date syrup, vanilla protein powder, hemp seeds, spinach, frozen banana

8. Pineapple Ginger Smoothie

This simple smoothie contains ginger, one of the best anti-inflammatory foods.
Ginger gets its anti-inflammatory effects from gingerol. This compound works by interrupting cellular reactions that cause inflammation.
Meanwhile, pineapple has antioxidants, which lower inflammation. Its also sweetness pairs well with the spicy flavor of ginger.
Unsweetened almond milk is the liquid base, but you can use coconut milk for even more anti-inflammatory nutrients.
Ingredients: Unsweetened almond milk, date syrup, ginger, and frozen pineapple.

9. Spinach Smoothie

Learn how to make an anti-inflammatory smoothie in just 5 minutes.
All of the ingredients have antioxidants, which work against inflammation and reduce the risk of disease.
Plus, chia seeds have omega-3 fatty acids, or "good" fats. They're known for their powerful anti-inflammatory properties.
If you're new to green smoothies, the pineapple juice in this smoothie will help. It's sweet and tart, so it balances the earthy flavor of spinach.
Ingredients: Pineapple juice, chia seeds, baby spinach, frozen banana

10. Acai Smoothie

This anti-inflammatory drink gets its deep purple color from acai puree and frozen berries.
Both ingredients are rich in antioxidants, including anthocyanins. These compounds have powerful inflammation-fighting properties, especially in the brain.
Acai puree is sold in packets in the freezer section. You'll need to let it thaw before adding it to your smoothie.
The recipe also calls for banana, which is high in fiber and antioxidants. It also gives the drink a satisfying and thick texture.
See how to make the healthy recipe in just 5 minutes.
Ingredients: Unsweetened almond milk, acai puree, banana, frozen mixed berries

11. Avocado Smoothie

Avocado is a popular anti-inflammatory food. It's a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants.
Plus, avocado gives smoothies a creamy and thick consistency. This version also uses frozen banana, which increases the creamy texture.
Kale and chia seeds add even more anti-inflammatory nutrients. The kale has anthocyanins and the chia seeds have omega-3 fats.
Since avocado tastes fairly mild, honey and vanilla extract are used for depth of flavor. The result is a satisfying, naturally sweet drink.
To make this smoothie vegan-friendly, use agave syrup or date syrup instead of honey.
Ingredients: Oat milk, honey, vanilla extract, chia seeds, kale, avocado, frozen banana

12. Matcha Smoothie

If you're looking for a healthy boost of energy, make this easy matcha smoothie.
Matcha is finely ground green tea. It's high in anti-inflammatory nutrients and antioxidants, including vitamin C.
It stimulates the body and mind, but it won't cause a caffeine crash. This is due to L-theanine, a substance in matcha that controls the effects of caffeine.
Other anti-inflammatory nutrients come from the spinach and banana. Additionally, these ingredients support gut health, which is key for reducing inflammation.
Ingredients: Oat milk, date syrup, matcha, baby spinach, frozen banana

13. Peanut Butter Oatmeal Smoothie

This peanut butter oatmeal smoothie is perfect for reducing inflammation and hunger.
Peanut butter has healthy fats and antioxidants, which have anti-inflammatory effects.
The bananas and oats have fiber, a nutrient needed to balance the gut. When the gut is in balance, it helps control inflammation.
To ensure the smoothie is healthy, use a peanut butter without any added sugar or salt. The oats should also be plain, not flavored.
You can also use other nut butters, like cashew butter or almond butter for similar health benefits and flavor.
Ingredients: Oat milk, date syrup, peanut butter, ground cinnamon, rolled oats, frozen bananas

14. Beet Smoothie

A simple recipe, this beet smoothie lets you enjoy root vegetables in a unique way.
Fresh beets are packed with antioxidant anthocyanins. These compounds give beets their deep purple-pink color while fighting inflammation.
Baby spinach also adds anthocyanins, along with vitamin C, vitamin K, and fiber.
Beets and spinach have a slightly earthy taste, but it's balanced by the apple juice and frozen mixed berries.
Be sure to use an apple juice with little to no added sugar. This will ensure your smoothie is nutritious.
Ingredients: Apple juice, baby spinach, beet, frozen mixed berries

15. Kale Pineapple Smoothie

Kale pineapple smoothie in a cup.
Increasing your intake of anti-inflammatory nutrients is easy with this kale pineapple smoothie.
The kale, apple, and pineapple provide antioxidants and vitamins. Additionally, their fiber content will help manage inflammation by supporting the gut.
You can use any kind of milk for this drink. Coconut milk is a great anti-inflammatory choice, but soy milk and oat milk are just as good.
Naturally sweetened with a this smoothie is packed with flavor. Other options for sweeteners include date syrup and honey.
Ingredients: Milk, kale, apple, Medjool date, frozen pineapple chunks

16. Berry Smoothie

Made with only 4 ingredients, this anti-inflammatory berry smoothie is sweet and satisfying.
It uses mixed berries, which you can buy frozen at the grocery store or freeze yourself. Most berry mixes include raspberries, blueberries, blackberries, and strawberries.
All of these ingredients are excellent for fighting inflammation. You can also use just one or two types of berries, if you'd like.
Chia seeds offer even more protection against inflammation. They contain omega-3 fatty acids.
Ingredients: Apple juice, chia seeds, spinach, frozen mixed berries

17. Coconut Milk Smoothie

Coconut milk is creamy, thick, and delicious. It's also high in beneficial anti-inflammatory fats.
In this smoothie, coconut milk is blended with mango and frozen banana. A Medjool date is added for natural sweetness.
The result is a simple drink that's high in nutrients and tastes like a tropical treat.
When using coconut milk in smoothies, always use the kind that's sold in cartons. The coconut milk sold in cans is too thick for this purpose.
Ingredients: Coconut milk, Medjool date, mango, frozen banana

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