17 High-Protein Smoothie Recipes

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For a delicious way to boost your protein intake, make these 5-minute high-protein smoothies. Enjoy one after working out or whenever you need a filling snack.

Collage of 6 high-protein smoothies.

High-Protein Smoothies

Protein is an essential macronutrient, meaning the body needs it in large amounts. It’s found in almost every tissue in the body, including muscles and skin. It provides energy and is required for many chemical reactions.

For optimal health, it’s recommended to include protein in every meal. Drinking high-protein smoothies is a good way to increase your protein intake between meals.

A high-protein smoothie is a blended drink that’s packed with protein. The protein usually comes from ingredients like cow’s milk, soy milk, and protein powder. Add-ins like nut butter and seeds can also provide protein, along with anti-inflammatory fats and antioxidants.

Using the right proportion of ingredients will ensure your high-protein smoothie is both delicious and satisfying to drink.

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5 High-Protein Smoothie Health Benefits

1. Supports Muscle Growth

When combined with regular strength training, protein can help increase muscle mass. Strength training includes workouts that engage your muscles, like weight lifting.

Research recommends consuming protein within 1 hour of working out.

2. Maintain Muscle Mass

In addition to building muscle, protein is also needed to maintain the muscle we have. This is extra important with age. Otherwise, without enough protein, muscle function can decline over time.

3. Reduces Hunger

Protein is a key nutrient for satiety, or the feeling of fullness. It helps you feel satisfied for a long time. This is helpful for controlling your appetite, whether you’re having a busy day or trying to manage weight.

4. Supports Hydration

High-protein smoothies are made with a liquid base, usually cow’s or plant-based milk. This provides your body with fluids. Staying hydrated is necessary many bodily functions, including temperature control and digestion.

5. Eases Muscle Cramps

As protein smoothies provide fluids, they also help reduce muscle cramps after exercise. Smoothies with ingredients like bananas provide electrolytes as well. These are minerals that support proper hydration.

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1. Greek Yogurt Smoothie

With an impressive 41 grams of protein, this Greek yogurt smoothie is an excellent high-protein option. The protein comes from milk, Greek yogurt, and vanilla protein powder. Feel free to use whey or plant-based protein powder.
If you don't have vanilla protein powder, try an unflavored version with 1/2 teaspoon of vanilla extract. Or use chocolate protein powder for a different flavor profile.
Ready in just 5 minutes, this easy Greek yogurt smoothie will keep you full and satisfied for hours.
Ingredients: Milk, plain nonfat Greek yogurt, Medjool date, vanilla protein powder, frozen bananas

2. Green Protein Smoothie

Increase your intake of protein and greens with this 5-minute green protein smoothie.
It's made with baby spinach, though you can use regular spinach or kale instead. Another option is to use a combination of different leafy greens. Spinach provides powerful antioxidants, which protect your cells and reduce the risk of disease.
In this smoothie, the protein comes from vanilla protein powder and hemp seeds. The vanilla flavor balances the earthiness of greens, but you can use unflavored powder as well.
The drink has 29 grams of protein. To increase the amount, use soy milk or cow's milk instead of almond milk.
Ingredients: Unsweetened almond milk, date syrup, vanilla protein powder, hemp seeds, baby spinach, frozen bananas

3. Coffee Protein Smoothie

Start your day with an energizing coffee protein smoothie. It contains 29 grams of protein, which comes from vanilla protein powder and hemp seeds. Chocolate protein powder will also taste great in this recipe, as chocolate works well with coffee.
The smoothie calls for cold brew, which is less acidic than hot brewed coffee. Though you can use hot brewed coffee that has been chilled.
Enjoy this 5-minute recipe as a satisfying, healthy breakfast in place of your usual morning coffee.
Ingredients: Oat milk, cold brew coffee, vanilla protein powder, hemp seeds, Medjool date, frozen bananas

4. Strawberry Protein Smoothie

The next time you need a post-workout snack, make this strawberry protein smoothie. You'll get 27 grams of protein in a single 16-ounce drink.
Vanilla protein powder gives the smoothie protein, flavor, and thickness. Alternatively, you can use chocolate protein powder, which is tasty with strawberries.
Hemp seeds also provide some protein, along with anti-inflammatory fats called omega-3 fatty acids.
Be sure to use frozen strawberries to make the drink thick and cold. Fresh strawberries will make the smoothie too watery and thin.
Ingredients: Unsweetened almond milk, hemp seeds, vanilla protein powder, frozen strawberries

5. Banana Protein Smoothie

A 4-ingredient recipe, this banana protein smoothie is so easy to make at home in a blender. It combines frozen bananas with vanilla protein powder and chia seeds, creating a thick drink with 27 grams of protein.
The smoothie is high in fiber and antioxidants too. It's all thanks to the bananas and chia seeds.
For a different flavor profile, make this smoothie with chocolate protein powder instead.
Ingredients: Oat milk, banana protein powder, chia seeds, frozen bananas

6. Energy Smoothie

This energy smoothie contains 27 grams of protein and takes 5 minutes to prepare.
Cold brewed coffee provides caffeine, which stimulates the body and mind. It enhances energy, focus, and concentration. Vanilla protein powder, rolled oats, and frozen bananas reduce the feeling of hunger. This helps prevent tiredness.
To increase the drink's protein content, add hemp seeds or chia seeds. You can also replace the almond milk with soy milk or cow's milk.
Ingredients: Unsweetened almond milk, cold brewed coffee, date syrup, vanilla protein powder, rolled oats, frozen bananas

7. Oatmeal Smoothie

Whether you're looking for a filling breakfast or quick snack, this 5-minute oatmeal smoothie is a great option.
The recipe makes a 16-ounce drink, which contains 23 grams of protein. This will help reduce hunger and promote recovery after exercise.
This smoothie is a rich source of fiber. It comes from the oats, Medjool date, and bananas. Instead of a Medjool date, you can use 1 tablespoon date syrup, maple syrup, or honey.
Ingredients: Milk, plain nonfat Greek yogurt, rolled oats, ground cinnamon, Medjool date, frozen bananas

8. Peanut Butter Oatmeal Smoothie

Nutty and sweet, this peanut butter oatmeal smoothie offers 18 grams of protein. The recipe takes only 5 minutes to make in a blender. Plus, it uses 6 basic ingredients you probably already have on hand.
Peanut butter gives the drink a rich, creamy consistency and delicious flavor. Feel free to use other nut butters, such as almond butter or cashew butter. Nut butters in general are high in plant-based protein, anti-inflammatory fats, and antioxidants.
If you want to enhance the protein content of this drink, use soy milk or cow's milk and add a scoop of your favorite protein powder.
Ingredients: Oat milk, date syrup, peanut butter, ground cinnamon, rolled oats, frozen bananas

9. Strawberry Smoothie

Strawberry smoothie in a cup.
Only 4 ingredients are needed to make this strawberry smoothie. It will take you just 5 minutes to make at home.
Together, milk and Greek yogurt give this drink 16 grams of protein. You can add nut butter or seeds to increase the protein content even more.
This recipe is naturally sweet due to the Medjool date and frozen strawberries. Date syrup or honey can be used instead of Medjool dates.
Drinking this smoothie is a good way to get more fiber, antioxidants, vitamins, and protein.
Ingredients: Milk, plain nonfat Greek yogurt, Medjool date, frozen strawberries

10. Chocolate Almond Smoothie

With this 5-minute smoothie, you can enjoy a sweet and decadent treat that's high in protein.
This chocolate almond smoothie offers 15 grams of protein from almond butter and chia seeds. Both ingredients contain anti-inflammatory fats too.
Feel free to use other nut butters and seeds, like cashew butter and hemp seeds, for a similar flavor profile. For the best flavor and nutrient content, use a high-quality cocoa powder. Choose one without added sweeteners or ingredients.
Ingredients: Unsweetened almond milk, cocoa powder, almond butter, chia seeds, frozen bananas

11. Kale Pineapple Yogurt Smoothie

Kale pineapple smoothie in a cup.
Naturally sweet and creamy, this kale pineapple yogurt smoothie is an excellent source of protein. One 16-ounce serving contains 13 grams of protein.
The drink is also packed with antioxidants from the kale, banana, and pineapple. Antioxidants are beneficial molecules that keep your cells healthy.
You'll get 8 grams of fiber from this smoothie. This is key for good digestion and reducing hunger.
To keep this smoothie healthy, use a plain Greek yogurt. Avoid flavored versions, which usually have added sweeteners.
Ingredients: Milk, plain nonfat Greek yogurt, kale, banana, frozen pineapple chunks

12. Mango Yogurt Smoothie

If you enjoy tropical flavors, you'll like this mango yogurt smoothie. It combines mango and banana with creamy Greek yogurt.
With 13 grams of protein, this smoothie is a good choice if you're looking for a post-workout snack. It can also keep you full for a long time.
For even more protein, add protein powder. Vanilla and unflavored versions will taste best in this drink.
The recipe calls for frozen mango chunks and fresh banana, though you can use frozen banana and fresh mango. It will taste just as good.
Ingredients: Milk, plain nonfat Greek yogurt, Medjool date, banana, frozen mango chunks

13. Blueberry Yogurt Smoothie

In just 5 minutes, you can make this healthy blueberry Greek yogurt smoothie at home. The recipe uses 6 ingredients, including milk and Greek yogurt, which add 12 grams of protein to the drink.
It has a deep purple color from the frozen blueberries. If you're freezing your own blueberries, be sure to spread them in a single, even layer on a baking sheet. This will help the blueberries freeze separately, making them easier to measure.
Ingredients: Milk, plain nonfat Greek yogurt, Medjool date, banana, frozen blueberries

14. Strawberry Mango Yogurt Smoothie

Perfectly tart and sweet, this strawberry mango yogurt smoothie will hit the spot. It's a refreshing drink that's packed with essential nutrients.
This includes protein, which comes from the milk and Greek yogurt. One 16-ounce serving of this smoothie contains 12 grams of protein.
Either the strawberries or mango can be in frozen form. Keep one fruit fresh, which will ensure the drink is easy to blend and smooth. You can also use regular yogurt, but Greek yogurt has more protein. Use the unflavored kind to ensure the smoothie is healthy.
Ingredients: Milk, Greek yogurt, Medjool date, strawberries, frozen mango

15. Strawberry Banana Yogurt Smoothie

With just 4 ingredients, you can prepare a simple strawberry yogurt banana smoothie. It only takes 5 minutes from start to finish. This version uses milk and Greek yogurt, adding plenty of protein to the drink. Both ingredients add creaminess as well.
The naturally sweet flavor comes from fresh banana and frozen strawberries. When picking a banana, use a ripe one for the best flavor.
Another option is to use frozen banana and fresh strawberries. Always slice the banana into coins or chunks before freezing.
Ingredients: Milk, plain nonfat Greek yogurt, banana, frozen strawberries

16. Spinach Greek Yogurt Smoothie

Drinking this spinach Greek yogurt smoothie is a great way to boost your protein intake throughout the day. One 16-ounce drink contains 11 grams of protein.
The protein comes from the milk and Greek yogurt. For even more protein, try adding seeds or protein powder after the yogurt and before the banana.
Baby spinach gives the drink a natural green color. It's also a rich source of antioxidants, fiber, and vitamins.
Taking just 5 minutes to prepare, this recipe is a delicious way to eat more protein and greens.
Ingredients: Milk, plain nonfat Greek yogurt, baby spinach, apple, frozen pineapple chunks

17. Chocolate Collagen Smoothie

If you want to increase your protein intake while supporting skin health, make this 5-minute chocolate collagen smoothie.
It uses powdered collagen, the main protein in the body. Collagen gives structure to your skin and joints.
Note that collage powder is not a complete protein, so be sure to add protein powder if you want to make this a post-workout snack.
Chocolate protein powder will enhance the flavor of the drink, though vanilla and unflavored powders work well too.
Ingredients: Oat milk, date syrup, collagen powder, cocoa powder, frozen bananas

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